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At Watermark, Sharon Brogan notices that some bloggers are pointedly eschewing politics i nthe runup to the election, and she asks her readers for guidance on whether they prefer a blog that focuses on some core areas of knowledge or one that ranges over a wide variety of topics, including political punditry.
It’s a great question and I doubt there’s a single one-size-fits-all answer. I’ve often read commenters on this or that weblog complain that “I don’t read you for your political views – I read you for your expertise” or “I don’t read you for your cat pictures, I read you for your political views” or variations on those themes.
Others seem to prefer the holistic view of a human being. Jason Kottke is the canonical “anything I think about is fair game” / “it’s all here in one place” type of blogger.
I’ve gone the channelization route, posting to multiple blogs, sometimes into specific categories as a way of enabling people to consume a focused stream. Then I reaggregrate (most) of what I write in my monolog, but that’s just me.
I think all approaches are valid, and asking your readers is a smart way to learn from them. The comment thread at Brogan’s Watermark entry is well worth reading to gather a range of insightful views. Any blogger would envy sbpoet for her intelligent, thoughtful readers.