xian's favorite blogs of 2004

OK, I took a crack at my current subscription list and started off by narrowing it down to 30 or so favorites split among several (sometimes semi-arbitrary) categories:

Politics and Media:

  1. The Poor Man (feed)
  2. James Wolcott (feed)
  3. PressThink: Ghost of Democracy in the Media Machine, by Jay Rosen (feed)
  4. Fanatical Apathy (feed)
  5. Daily Kos: Political Analysis and other daily rants on the state of the nation (feed)
  6. Orcinus: Policy, Culture and Journalism in the 21st Century (feed)
  7. California Insider: A Weblog by Sacramento Bee Columnist Daniel Weintraub (feed)

The Living Web:

  1. Waxy.org: Andy Baio lives here (feed), and Waxy Links (feed)
  2. Micro Persuasion: Steve Rubel on how blogs and participatory journalism are impacting the practice of public relations (feed)
  3. Many-to-Many (feed)
  4. BuzzMachine (feed)
  5. Sandhill Trek: Voice and Vision in Decision (feed)
  6. Dan Gillmor’s eJournal (feed)
  7. The Power of Many (feed) – yes, self-dealing here, but I honestly think I and my co-contributors have built an amazing blog over the last year

Diarists (Writers and Thinkers):

  1. True Dirt (feed)
  2. birdhouse.org: scot hacker’s foobar blog (feed)
  3. Shelley Powers’ Burningbird: I do not exist in syndication feeds (feed)
  4. plasticbag.org: The personal site of Tom Coates, a London-based gay man interested in personal publishing, online communities/social software, collaborative media consumption, graphic design and technology… (feed)
  5. WHATEVER: The online home of writer John Scalzi. Taunting the Tauntable Since 1998. (feed)
  6. jwz (feed)
  7. Aaron Swartz: For real (feed)
  8. Best of Craigslist: Best postings from craigslist.org, selected by readers (feed)

Geeks and Gadgets:

  1. Daring Fireball: Mac and web curmudgeonry/nerdery. By John Gruber. (feed)
  2. Workbench: Programming and publishing news and comment (feed)
  3. Jeremy Zawodny’s blog: SELECT * FROM random_thoughts ORDER BY date DESC (feed)
  4. ongoing: Ongoing fragmented essay by Tim Bray (feed)
  5. misbehaving.net: “Well-behaved women seldom make history.” –Laurel Thatcher Ulrich (feed)
  6. Backup Brain: Backup Brain: Tom Negrino and Dori Smith on technology, culture, and politics (feed)
  7. Kalsey Consulting Group: This is the blog of Adam Kalsey, a Web technologist and CTO of Pheedo. The views expresed here are mine alone (mine, I tell you!) and do not neccessarily reflect the views of Pheedo. (feed)
  8. Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger: Robert Scoble’s look at geek and Microsoft life (feed)

OK, your turn.






5 responses to “xian's favorite blogs of 2004”

  1. Adam Kalsey Avatar

    Thanks, Christian, I’m flattered to be on this list. Looking over the list of your other favorites, it’s good company to be in.

  2. Watermark Avatar

    Bloggy Linky Post

    TIME magazine has discovered blogs, including one of my regular reads, Blog Sisters; and the bizarre practice of Friday Cat Blogging [I see they do not credit the New York Times, which first broke this incredible story.]

  3. Jozef Imrich Avatar

    As the late, great A.J. Liebling pointed out, “Freedom of the press belongs to the man who owns one.” Blogging and online journalism has given new meaning to this…
    Exquisite list!

  4. Shelley Avatar

    Christian, thank you for this. It was a lovely, lovely surprise.

  5. Backup Brain Avatar

    Here, there, and everywhere

    I’m horribly behind on linking back to and thanking several people for their kind words about one or both of us. Here’s an attempt to catch up some: Christian Crumlish named this site one of his favorite blogs of 2004…