Your Monkey Man one-liner of the day

Here’s a quick one-liner from my good pal, the Monkey Man:
“George Bush isn’t a big picture guy — (oooh oooh! aaaah aaaah!) —
he’s more of a big picture book guy.”
And there it is: Your Monkey Man one-liner of the day.






2 responses to “Your Monkey Man one-liner of the day”

  1. Neckfacee Jr. Avatar
    Neckfacee Jr.

    A cartoon from the July 2004 issue of Hustler (a little ahead of themselves, no?) illustrates Rumsfeld at a press conference saying,
    “It’s understandable that the President was mislead by the CIA, as he has no prior experience with intelligence.”
    Ha! There is just no end to B-2 jokees.

  2. David Kolodney Avatar
    David Kolodney

    One reason they didn’t want to release the President’s Daily Intelligence Briefing is that they’ve been using a secret pop-up book version of PowerPoint to hold his attention.
    They tell him it’s a real page-turner by Dr. Seuss.
    (A “lifetime subscriber” to Ramparts Magazine BTW.)