and on Friday

I practiced chord forms (E, A) up the neck
I cleaned the bathroom, specifically the toilet, but used too much of the spray stuff so the room was thick with it and the floor is now sticky.
I spent most of the day digging through a year’s worth of unfiled stuff in my room / office getting it on the floor, getting it sorted, filing it away or putting it in recycling. The room is now once again fairly manageable, but the closet still has stuff I need to pull out for the yearly bulk hauling pickup and my dresser is still six inches deep in papers and clothes and miscellaneous.
prepare room for Peggy






2 responses to “and on Friday”

  1. George Avatar

    You gotta go walk around down in Old Town!
    See if you can make it to the Indian-heritage museum as well.
    There are several hotels around with wireless connectivity; I don’t know where you’re staying, though.
    Hm. Maybe the Sandia Mountain sky-tram will be open; A. and I didn’t get to do that when we passed through in November.

  2. Other Dan Avatar
    Other Dan

    speaking of bathrooms, why isn’t there a picture of a urinal on your site. that always adds flavor. it’s mighty tasty.
    i found this website by eating a bannana.