Back on the wagon

I keep telling myself to do some blogging every day, even if it’s boring- even-to- people-who- know-me journal entries in my persona blog. Why? For selfish reasons. When I’m keeping track of what I’ve been doing I get more done and I feel better about myself. I also notice patterns and figure out why I’m avoiding other things. I could do this all in private but I like the transparency and it’s easy enough to ignore for anyone who isn’t interested.
This weekend I saw Life Aquatic again, on Friday night, this time with the Reverend Bill and B, replaced the wound nylon C string on my tenor ukulele and got a big new bag of kitty litter, and then saw The Aviator on Saturday (liked it much better than I expected to). Sunday I went out for some wine and pancetta and for a copy of Pat Conroy’s cookbook, which took way too much time, and then enjoyed watching the Oscar’s with B and eating the lentil and pancetta soup she made.
Also, I nearly finalized my travel plans for SXSW next month but am tracking down why my listing at the website isn’t complete.
Oh, yeah, paid some bills too.






One response to “Back on the wagon”

  1. cecil vortex Avatar

    I for one thoroughly enjoy reading about what you eat. That’s my problem. That’s not your problem.
    And there it is.