Blog While You STATUS: Publish

Lazy Independence Day reblogging, quoting from Blog While You Book

NYT: For years, book authors have used the Internet to publicize their work
and to keep in touch with readers. Several, like John Battelle, are now
experimenting with maintaining blogs while still in the act of writing
their books.






4 responses to “Blog While You STATUS: Publish”

  1. Meg Avatar

    While some of us blog in the hopes that someday someone will even notice we’ve written a book…

  2. Dumpster Avatar

    As a reader, I would discourage authors from blogging the process of writing a book. It sounds embarrassingly self-involved, a slightly higher-level version of the dorm-room-diary blog.
    But I guess there’s no harm as long as they don’t expect anyone to read the stuff, and it might sometimes be a form of effective procrastination that dislodges some mental logjam and enables them to write the book itself.
    Effective Procrastination — there’s a self-help book. Someday I should get around to writing it.

  3. awrc Avatar

    Chris Anderson of Wired is blogging while writing his book on the long tail. It remains to be seen how much of the book is written by the blog commenters!

  4. Brian Dear Avatar

    I started blogging while working on my nonfiction book in 1996. Still blogging it, still working on it (it’s a side project and not my fulltime gig).
    I would say it has been EXTREMELY helpful for my project. I cannot imagine having heard from anywhere near as many information sources if I’d not started writing about writing about the book. I’ve interviewed hundreds of people directly because they came across my site via Google or Wikipedia.