Huge improvement to Drupal's nav scheme

Nick Lewis has unveiled a few tweaks to Drupal (which is also the basis for CivicSpace), which presents the navigation scheme as nested tabs across the top of the browser window instead of expanding and collapsing text links in a floating box in one of the margins.
I’ll be adopting this improvement for all my Civicspace sites as soon as I can get it working on a test site.
Meanwhile, I’m too scared to do the Civicspace 0.8.1 upgrade given the recommended process for doing so. Sheesh! This upgrade separates the men from the boys and sets me down firmly on the boys’ team.






2 responses to “Huge improvement to Drupal's nav scheme”

  1. Nick Lewis Avatar

    Thanks for the shout out Christian. Be sure to let me know how it goes; especially if you have problems. The last thing I want to do is cause people a headache. Hopefully, later this week I’ll get a chance to write a real set of instructions, and make the code more intuitive.

  2. Kieran Avatar

    Christian, sorry the upgrade process is so scary. This upgrade process extends well beyond CivicSpace and delves into the testing, unix administration, upgrading, and the release of beta sites.
    You could get away with just running upgrade.php but what if something went wrong. Then where would you be?
    This upgrade is targetted at a specific audience, and is made from best practices of many professional Drupal administrators who have run into many problems.
    We will be working on a simpler process, but system administration is still unfortunately full of problems that only humans can solve.