"bookmark this" hack for del.ici.ous

Quoting from bookmark this:

I’ve added a little bit of code to add a “Bookmark This” link on every post, next to the Comments link, which allows you to kick the user over to to the del.icio.us posting page. There are two pieces to this little hack.

First, you can link to http://del.icio.us/post with a GET argument of “url” containing the URL-encoded URL, and you can supply a title in the “title” field, similarly URL-encoded. This effectively lets you put something equivalent to del.icio.us’s “copy this” link somewhere offsite. The final URL should thus look like: http://del.icio.us/post?url=THEURL&title=THETITLE

Second, a bit of TypePad/MT hackery: In the appropriate place (I added it right after </MTIfAllowComments>) add the following to your Main Index and Individual Archive templates:

| <a href="http://del.icio.us/post?url=<$MTEntryPermalink$>&title=<$MTEntryTitle encode_url="1"$>">Bookmark This</a>