I am not Craig

Twice in the past two days I’ve been mistaken for Craig Newmark. It’s kinda flattering in a way. Maybe he and I share a sense of style?
xian not craig craig not xian






4 responses to “I am not Craig”

  1. Bill Cassel Avatar
    Bill Cassel

    Surely there’s some way you can exploit this resemblance for personal gain?

  2. jennifer Avatar

    Whoa! I’ve known you your whole life and even I had to do a double take. Plus think about it, your first names both start with C. Hmmm wonder what that means…..

  3. Frances M. Avatar

    Seems to me you have a bit more hair left… imagine if Craig was despised (instead of respected) as say, Bill Gates, in the software world, what would you do then?

  4. Jim Goldstein Avatar

    The good news is you’re not Pete Rose… the bad news is you look like Craig Newmark. Then again maybe you can work this to your advantage and become a Silicon Valley impersonator for parties.