Cross at the green, not in between

Up out of my sickbed yesterday I ran down to Lake Shore Avenue to pick up some Peet’s coffee to send to New York to arrive there before me and to grab a light-baked Arizmendi pizza for dinner. Police cars and an ambulance had the street blocked off, which made crossing easy for once.
The member of the Arizmendi collective working the cash register told me what was causing the fuss. An elderly woman had been jaywalking and crossed behind a truck. The truck, sadly, was backing up and ran her over. From the general hush and the nervous clots of people on the street speaking in low voices, I gathered that she had died.
Returning to my car I heard at least three people pledge to never jaywalk again.






One response to “Cross at the green, not in between”

  1. Frances M. Avatar

    Did you see (or even look for) the story in the newspaper afterwards? I witnessed a horrible accident on the New Jersey Turnpike (remember that road? :-) which left me shaking uncontrollably as I drove to my boyfriend’s grandmother’s funeral in Montclair. A huge eight-wheel rig crashed into another @ top speed – but with everything going on, I forgot to check the paper the following day to see about it.