Discussing Siegenthaler and Wikipedia on CBC's "The Hour" tonight

I got a call from a producer of a CBC show, The Hour, last night, looking for someone who could discuss the Siegenthaler brouhaha on Wikipedia from both a cultural and technical perspective. Hey, I’m that guy! They taped five minutes with me this morning and it should be airing about now.
Since I don’t get CBC here in the States, I have to wait till they send me a CD or tape of my appearance to found out how I did. It’s funny being a talking head twice in two weeks.
They were happy to cite my book as proof that I’m an “expert” on the subject of emergent authority and the living web. It’s ironic, of course, that earning credibility by publishing a book is very pre-web.
And how did they find me? Google, of course.






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  1. cecil vortex Avatar

    how cool — congrats!