Google Blog: This was posted from Microsoft Word

Quoting from Google Blog: This was posted from Microsoft Word:

Last July, a few of us visited the Democratic National Convention to see political bloggers in action. Many were using Microsoft Word to post their reports. It was a multi-step process that didn’t look like fun, but for citizen journalists, punctuation, spelling and grammar are important. That got the Blogger team thinking about how to help Word users to become bloggers.
So just now I fired up Microsoft Word, wrote this, hit ‘Publish’ on the brand new Blogger for Word toolbar and voila – you’re reading it. Which means there’s really no excuse, blogwise, if you prefer to finely craft your posts over time. Use Blogger for Word as a way to back up your document drafts with the ‘Save as Draft’ button or work on posts while you are offline and post them later. Hope you enjoy this new add-in.

Hmm, I wonder how it handles special characters? Does it turn them into HTML entities? I should check this out, though I’m not personally using Blogger these days.






2 responses to “Google Blog: This was posted from Microsoft Word”

  1. The Noon Avatar

    Good to know, thanks!

  2. 00 Avatar

    for all their technology the Google people could have made this cross-platform