Eudora is dead to me

Well, the outgoing mail sending problem seems to be located in my client software, Eudora. By process of elimination, I’ve ruled out the DSL connection, the various mail servers, and so on.
This seems to be the final push I need to abandon Eudora, since it appears to be a bug in the software or its settings. I’ve reinstalled the latest version and it’s still not working. In fact, now instead of offering one of several different errors every time I try to send, it simply goes through the process and completes it without sending and without reporting any problems.
I downloaded Thunderbird and I’m learning it now. It sends my mail just fine. It did crash when I tried to import my Eudora mail store, which might have something to do with it being ginormous. So the transition may be rocky for a while. I’ve got hundreds if not thousands of email messages over in Eudora that I still plan to reply to eventually, and right now I’m manually copying over the replies from yesterday that got stalled out.
At least I am free to communicate again. For a net.junkie like myself, losing smtp access is like losing a limb.






2 responses to “Eudora is dead to me”

  1. FrancesM Avatar

    Darling Xian! From the low-tech background of a person who can’t set up her own website (yet!), why not try a fax or a phone next time as an emergency measure? A phone call is always nice. And, maybe having a web-based email backup may help (Princeton’s alumni web mail is free, and provides about 3 MB of storage). Hope SXSW does you good — I’ve been reading “Power of Many” and am going to write a review (one thought that already came to mind “by page 14, I knew I’d gotten my money’s worth!) Take good care of yourself!

  2. xian Avatar

    thanks! looking forward to the review. for sure i use the phone when something is immediate and pressing, and in fact i had web access to mail all along. the impact was more on my day-to-day routine – the ergonomics thereof, if you will – for handling the large amount of email traffic i get.
    i often compare these little annoyances to a rock in the shoe. if you are going down to the corner to get a paper you may wait till you get back to shake it out, but if you walk a mile that way you will injure your foot.