For all your Pope-blogging needs

What the world needs now is a Pope blog, and gratefully here it is: The Pope Blog: Pope Benedict XVI.
As for myself, I have composed a little ditty to celebrate the occasion.






3 responses to “For all your Pope-blogging needs”

  1. Catharine Avatar

    A Pope Blog? A Pope Blog… Okay… sure… I guess…
    I like the ditty, by the way…. I almost got into trouble singing it at work. But it was worth it.
    A Pope Blog… who knew?

  2. Frances M. Avatar

    Brilliant! Xian, someone should email your ditty over to Pope Benny’s digs @ the Vatican.

  3. Hillside Meditations Avatar

    Benedict XVI

    So it is really Cardinal Ratzinger, whom the conclave elected as the new pope!
    I am not very knowledgeable about theology, nor have I been a too-regular churchgoer for quite some time (though having been a Catholic for all my life) and I do not know…