Migrating from Movable Type to TypePad

Quoting from Migration to TypePad, in which Brad De Long notes that Chuq Von Rospach is moving Teal Sunglasses and his other weblogs to TypePad:

Old Internet Mountain Man Chuq Van Rospach is moving his weblogs to Typepad:

Teal Sunglasses: blogquake! (ch-ch-ch-changes….): I’ve finally decided on what I want to do. Really — no, honest, this time I’m serious.

I’ve decided to move the blogs to Typepad.

Part of the reason to upgrade plaidworks and migrate it from in-house to a hosted solution was to stop spending all of my time working on server-level patches (maintenance, upgrades, etc, etc, etc), so I can (hopefully) focus more on content, and perhaps sleeping, or going to the gym, or… having a life. having made the decision to stop running my own server (for the first time since 1995 — we’ve had IP in the house for ten years now), I started thinking about it, and outsourcing the blogs to Typepad just seemed to make sense; it’s a major part of the system I won’t have to maintain, just like I don’t have to maintain the OS. So it simplifies my life even more. I spent some time playing with TypePad (30 day free tests are nice!) and decided I liked it.

Question: if Chuq Van Rospach is no longer maintaining his own weblog server, what business do I have maintaining one myself? Should I switch over to Typepad too?






One response to “Migrating from Movable Type to TypePad”

  1. Liza Sabater Avatar

    I sooooooo would not recommend this for your needs. Seriously. You’ve got way too many things customized. Not only that, there is the little bit of sad-reality that comes with a TypePad account –you have no FTP access.
    I killed TypePadistas and Blogundanga, my two sites over at TypePad, and it was a bitch to try to retrieve all the files.
    I would certainly suggested for most people who are not technically inclined and who would look at their archives as ephemera. TypePad is great for writers, not publishers. Big HUGE difference in needs.
    You, my friend, are a publisher. You need access to a server.