Move Over, Blog Herald

Blogosphere News seems to be doing a good job of covering the weblog beat (you know, the way we used to do here?).






3 responses to “Move Over, Blog Herald”

  1. Brad Avatar

    This is Brad from Blogosphere News.
    Thanks for the kind comments, and of course if you have any questions/suggestions/concerns please feel free to contact me.

  2. Brad Avatar

    Sorry for the duplicate comment, for some reason it took a long while to submit.

  3. Duncan Avatar

    Given that you were an inspiration to me when I started I’ll take that as a compliment. I’ve always believed that people reporting on blogging news is a good thing, that’s why Ive linked to the Blogosphere News from the Blog Herald. They are doing a lot of stuff similar to when the Blog Herald first started, which is great, I suppose, alot like many of your blogs, they’ve changed and matured over time. The Blog Herald still reports blogging news, but my dedication to “this newspaper said this” has diminished over time, as you here the same thing over and over again, and I’ve gone more for comment and editorial, which, might I add, may have annoyed a few people, but has increased the traffic from x100.
    I think the guys at Blogosphere News are doing a good job, I’m reading them, and I’d hope between them and The Blog Herald we’d cover most angles: it’s a hard task to cover everything alone and competition is great, although I’d prefer to think of the Blogosphere news as friendly.
    Look out on the Blog Herald for a number of new initiatives this year: I’ve started podcasting, and there are a number of other things in stall.