Nice mention of my FrontPage book

In Tools to start an e-business, Aneeta Sundararaj writes that he she benefitted from the simple instructions in the book FrontPage Savvy, co-authored by myself and Kate J. Chase:

Microsoft FrontPage 2003 by Christian Crumlish and Kate J. Chase. Published by Sybex. Before I got the book, I was doing most of the designing by trial and error. Once I got it, I had a wonderful idea of structure and how to manipulate the tools in Front Page. I am aware that there are other more sophisticated programmes out there but for someone with limited resources and a desire to learn from scratch, this book gives wonderful advice and ideas.

Found this in one of my egofeeds, btw. It’s especially nice since the two reviews at Amazon are, shall we say, less than overwhelming. I know that a book like this is going to be right for some readers and wrong for others and it’s tough to cover all the bases. In trying to do so you inevitably infuriate some of the very readers you are trying to accommodate. Still I know Kate and I labored hard on this book and Molly Holzschlag gave us a great technical edit, so I’m glad it helped at least one person.
I’m also glad that I am, for the time being, knock wood, done writing technical how-to books.






One response to “Nice mention of my FrontPage book”

  1. aneeta sundararaj Avatar

    Hello Christian,
    This is Aneeta.
    Just thought I should point out that I am a ‘she’ and not a ‘he’!!
    Yes, I meant what I said. I needed a website that works and mine does! I found your book really easy and useful. Thank you.
    Thank you.