Songs in the key of January

A random sample of stuff done this year excluding confidences, of course:
Wednesday, February 2
worked on modes
practice melody licks on guitar
IMd with culture kitchen diva Liza Sabater
Tuesday, February 1
paid for Moon over Briones picture
grocery shop
leftover soup for dinner
play guitar and uke with Dan
try, but fail, to record Stimulants poem
Monday, January 31
travel plans -> February Albuquerque DONE!
talk to briggs about travel plans, tuesday night
got briggs pcmcia card for thinkpad
8:00 am cleaning at dentist
12:00 suspend guitar lessons
Sunday, January 30
made scrambled eggs, bacon, coffee and orange juice for breakfast
got cat crunchies, eggs, butter, bread
Saturday, January 29
added bug and pinging to medastyle
bought lox
listened to Gans at splashpad park
practiced scales on guitar and bari uke
watched the rest of season 3 of coupling
made gorgonzola sauce for leftover steak
Friday, January 28
practiced pick technique
chromatic scales
A minor pentatonic extended sale soloing
played along with little wing (Bb maj / G minor Bb C D Eb F G A Bb)
finished labeling zero 10/14-16/1992 Healy mixes
Thursday, January 27
added all about george to diarists subscriptions
Fixed Telegraph design/layout
Made other MT fixes
watched Joni Mitchell
watched Coupling season 3 episode 3
Wednesday, January 26
Sorted out travel plans with Nick
figured out that the C major scale and the D# minor pentatonic scale together comprise the entire chromatic scale
like G maj and A# min pent, etc
grilled steak for dinner
didn’t rinse chard sufficiently – it was gritty
watched West Wing and 2 episodes of Coupling season 3
.Tuesday, January 25
Upgraded to Movable Type 3.15
Moved root to mumble mumble
practice soloing in key A minor from C etc. mostly pentatonic
label zero 10/14-17/1992 Healy mixes
Discussed feature article / position with Micah Sifry
got Arizmendi pizza for dinner
watched House and Scrubs
got sample podcast working for MVRT
not-working, that is
called plumber
Monday, January 24
send jerome tax form
Sunday, January 23
Saturday, January 22
groceries (oysters, softasilk, chicken, apples)
willem’s email forwarding
Friday, January 21
Thursday, January 20
get back – print form, fax
Wednesday, January 19
blog technorati award
get plumber name – drip under kitchen sink
resched dentist (dr. fenstermacher)
make dinner – braised chard, ravioli (squash / chestnut)
the west wing
Tuesday, January 18
B’s laundry
visit/feed dot
b’s laundry
guitar lesson
pick up dinner at Hyunh
post to GRDM
weekend, incl. Mon (MLK)
mostly feeding dot and resting
Friday, January 14
fraidy out back
set up
set up virtual host for
noticed was in hock (blog about this after secured)
Thursday, January 13
ordered usb to serial adapter for B’s palm and thumb drive
Wednesday, January 12
set up
Thursday, January 6
Put firefox on B’s puter – can’t (OS 9 not supported)
Call vet re Fraidy’s first stitches out (Saturday)?
Wednesday, January 5
send books to Levi
send guitar stuff to Arthur
Get new printer cartridge
Tuesday, January 4
guitar lesson
new guitar (trade-in)
got capo
blog Gravity’s Rainbow Deathmarch
Monday, January 3
finish Groundspring proposal and send
8:30 am editorial conference call (PDF)
Grocery shop
Deposit checks
Pharmacy – alka seltzer plus
Pay rent
Pet supply – cat harness
Put sticker on car
Sunday, January 2
attempted grocery shop (bowl closed)
clean up 2004 e-files
order Gravity’s Rainbow
sleep a lot
Saturday, January 1
sinus cold
sleep a lot






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