Spammers exploiting Blogspot

In A Whole Lotta Nothing: Blogspot is hurting America, Matt Haughey points out that Google’s blog hosting service is becoming part of the typical spammer’s infrastructure.
Given that the quest for page rank also underlies most of the problems with comment and trackback spam, isn’t it about time Google started closing some of these loopholes?
And, no, I don’t think rel="nofollow" is sufficient.






2 responses to “Spammers exploiting Blogspot”

  1. Meg Avatar

    I had nothing but issues with Blogger/Blogspot, and abandoned it to come back to Salon/Radio (not that Radio is without flaws, but I digress). Google is creating such a maelstrom of advertising, adwording and adlinking that one could never really presume to stay free of it in the midst of any software they’re shilling. I still cautiously love my Gmail, but Blogger had to go.

  2. ThaiRadio Avatar

    Google should not stop scanning blogspot pages.
    But maybe google could implement a new comment addon: link instead of being directly available
    could be followed through a redirection link.
    And then it would allow google bots to make the difference between real links and secondary links.