Strange blog-spam problem

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Movable Type is doing something bizarre here. I’ve got this entry, Blogging a yoga conference @ Radio Free Blogistan and it shows 19 spam comments in the counter and on the individual archive page. The spam comments are also showing up in my list of recent comments in the sidebar of RFB.
Ironically, they’ve all got “nofollow” attributes on the links, so they ain’t buying any Googlejuice for the spammers, but they’re still ugly and they clutter up my recent list.
So, just junk them and rebuild, right? Sounds easy. Here’s the problem:
I’ve already junked those comments _and_ repeatedly rebuilt the index page and the archive pages. The back-end information for the entry shows 0 comments. They are phantoms. I have no idea how they can be displayed on the page despite the rebuilds. I have no idea where they’re stored and where they’re coming from.
How can the backend and the frontend of an MT blog be out of synch like that?
I suppose I could poke around the database but I’d first like to have some idea of what’s going on.