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Bloglet is dead, long live FeedBlitz. I’m trying out a new email-subscription service on this blog. If it works right I’ll probably add it to all my blogs. It seems pretty straightforward. If you’re interested, scan down the sidebar for the section called “Subscribe to RFB” and submit your email address. Then let me know if the service works for you. (I’m subscribed too, so I’ll see whatever you see.)
I discovered FeedBlitz via the excellent Blog Starter Checklist at Life Beyond Code, which I heard about via the blog conference on the Well, from a Technorati employee, who credits big cheese Dave Sifry with the find. There are some things on the list that seem head-smackingly obvious to me now but which I have myself not bothered to do yet (such as, register my fullname as a domain and redirect it to my – in my case, primary – blog).






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    Very good, thanks!