Tony Pierce's 'How to Blog'

Tony, whom I finally got a chance to meet at SXSW this year (and who’s as funny and personable in person as his online presence would imply) published this list of advices on blogging in his busblog last year.
He’s now got a book out with the same title from Café Press and I’ve got to get me a copy to review here. Something tells me that publishing experiments like Café Press are poised to eat New York book publishing’s complacent lunch.






2 responses to “Tony Pierce's 'How to Blog'”

  1. Gregory Severance Avatar
    Hi Christian. I’ve been reading Ron Silliman’s blog recently “A Weblog focused on contemporary poetry and poetics”. I recommend it. Coming to NYC anytime soon? – G.S.

  2. tony Avatar

    thanks for the props!