Update on my job search

Well, I haven’t entirely succeeded at playing out this whole job search thing in public. First of all, thanks to everyone who linked to my original entry going public with my search, and everyone who’s given me advice or passed my resume along to their contacts.
Not surprisingly, however, I’ve found that it’s been prudent to keep most of my solid leads private as a matter of discretion and respect for the people considering teaming up with me for a sustained effort.
To the extent possible, when I do start a new job, I will try to fill in the gaps on how I got to that point and acknowledge those who helped me; without, again of course, violating any confidences.
I’m breaking silence partly because several people have asked me for an update and partly from a conviction that within a week or so I will be on my new track. I can say that with some confidence because I have a firm offer from a great company that I’d be very happy to join and at the same time I’m in the final stages of talking to another great company about a slightly different opportunity. One way or the other, within a few days, I should know how these things are going to play out.
As a very broad observation, I would say that indeed Web 2.0 is taking off and some of the old excitement (but I hope not the hypermania) of the first go-round has returned to the Bay Area tech world. The job market seems very promising for people with relevants skills and who’ve kept their hand in, and I believe that the time I’ve spent exploring and writing about blogs and wikis and social media and online networking has been time well spent.
I’ll say more about all this when I can.






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  1. The Noon Avatar

    Happy 4 u, wherever you “land” will benefit of your arrival!