Spam blogs taking over

TNH at Making Light analyzes One minute’s worth of weblogs

I found because I’d gotten exasperated with Technorati and was looking for something more reliable. Which is not to say that I succeeded, because is a useless site. What it gives you is a single flat unadorned list of weblogs that’ve updated that minute. Given how many weblogs out there are doing that at any given minute, trying to make sense of their list is like reading the phonebook for the plot.

When I first looked at the site, several days ago, their list showed 66 updates for a single minute, 11:08 a.m. Mind you, that must have been a low-traffic period, because for one minute of the morning I’m writing this—9:54 EST, Saturday, 04 June 2005— listed 376 updates. Still, those 66 entries were a minute’s worth of the weblogging world. I copied off the list and looked at all of them, as though I were doing a species count in a wildlife area.

Here’s how they break out. My categories are arbitrary, but all categories are.

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Nearly a third of the updates that minute were for what Teresa calls “automated googletraps.” She also doesn’t consider CivicSpace Labs’ site to be a real blog and has apparently never heard of the project (né Deanspace), but beyond that her insights are nutritious.






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  1. Teresa Nielsen Hayden Avatar

    Hey, the web is big, and there’s only one of me. You found out about CivicSpace Labs a while back; I just found out about it now.
    The site just didn’t feel like a weblog. Nothing bad about that. Nothing official about it, either. There’s no international standard for what is and isn’t a weblog, and I’m not interested in promulgating one.