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You could make the case that Plamegate isn’t and won’t be Watergate, in that all the focus has been on the possibility that some of the President’s key people may go down, but you don’t really hear much speculation that the President himself could be dragged in.
But then there’s this: when Nixon left office, it’s pretty safe to say that he was running his White House. You don’t have to be partisan to posit that the same might not be quite as true for President Bush.
And then, what if Bush stays on, as we all expect he will, but the people who’ve been running the White House for him go home? Or at least, go elsewhere…?
Does that make it Watergate? Well, still, not exactly. I mean, it’s not the same thing as the President stepping down.
But it does make it Watergate-esque.
Speaking of which: could this have anything to do with why we haven’t seen much of the Vice President of late?