Global Warming Walking Points
Gore’s speech enumerates well-documented scientific evidence that the global climate is changing significantly — and fast. Here are a few data points:
Global CO2 levels are way outside what have been historical norms over several hundred thousand years.
All ten of the hottest years on record, globally, have occurred in the last 15 years.
Last summer, all-time heat records were set in both the U.S. West and East.
Global ocean temperatures are far outside of historical norms.
Even after last year’s devastating Hurricane Katrina, the subsequent Hurricane Wilma was briefly the most severe hurricane ever recorded.
Last year Japan hit an all-time record for typhoons –10. The previous record was 7.
The largest downpour ever seen occurred last summer in India.
Thirty-five years ago there were an average of 225 days when Alaska’s tundra was frozen enough for trucks to drive. Today there are only 75.



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  1. Pete Berry Avatar
    Pete Berry

    And that’s just the *good* news.
    George Monbiot in the Guardian gives a UK-centric critique of what he sees as our government’s dissembling around the main cause of GW – transport in general, fast transport in particular and air travel above all things – the second half of the article goes into some detail on what he believes to be the special problems of flying. Article at:,,1719728,00.html