So… tired

I haven’t lifted a finger to post here in so long, and so much been’s going on lately. (And just now I *tried* to post and somehow lost my window.)
Like, for instance, we just got back from a week in New York. (I posted some pictures from the trip at Flickr.) And before that I was at my 20th reunion at Princeton. And before that I was in Memphis on business.
Also, Bill Ectric just posted an interview with myself and my erstwhile partner-in-crime Levi Asher on his site as well as at at a site called SearchWarp. Bill has got hisself a new blog too, and I’ve been posting a few chapters from his novel Tamper over at Telegraph.
Just wanted to get that off my chest.






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  1. xifer Avatar

    Nic pics. Briggs looks stunning as usual. By the way, who is Jeff Bezos anyway?