SXSW namedropping

I’ve been jotting down a partial list of the people I’ve been meeting (some old friends, some for the first time) in the halls and at the parties here in Austin. I’m sure I’m forgetting various cool somebodies and I’ll update the list when my memory coughs up new names (and when I go through the stack of business cards piling up in my hotel room).
day one
* [Liz Lawley](
* [Mary Hodder](
* [Nancy White](
* [George Kelly](
* [JW Richard](
* [j.brotherlove](
* [Jon Lebkowsky](
* [Marc Canter](
* [Jesse James Garrett](
* [Peter Merholz](
* [Tiffany B. Brown](
* [David Pescovitz](
* [Tikva Morowati](
day two
* [Don Turnbull](
* [Thomas Vander Wal](
* [Prentiss Riddle](
* [Joshua Schachter](
* [Adina Levin](
* [John Tolva](
* [Halley Suitt](
* [Scot Hacker](
* [Liza Sabater](
* [David Isenberg](
* [Jerome Armstrong](
* [Markos Moulitsas Zúniga](
* [Nancy Scola](
* [Ruby Sinreich](
* [Glenn Smith](
* [Henry Copeland](
* Cameron Shaw
day three
* [Molly Holzschlag](
* [Dave Seah](
* [Chris Pirillo](
* [Robert Scoble](
* [Mark Glazer](
* [Renée Blodgett](
* [Ed Ward](
* [Laura Fulford](
* [Eric Meyer](
* [Nick Lewis](
* [Mike Krempasky](
* [Chuck DeFeo](
* [Chris Nolan](
* [Liz Lawley](
* [Andy Baio](
* [danah boyd](
* [Derek Powazek](
* [Rob Pongsajapan](
* [George Oates](
* [Mena Trott](
* [Tom Coates](
* [Heath Row](
* [Susan Kaup](
* [Halcyon Styn](
* [Dori Smith](
* [Steve Champeon](
day four
* [Rex Hammock](
* [Limor Fried](
* [Natalie Zee](
* [Phil Torrone](
* [Liz E. Burr](
* [Susie Wyshak](
* [David Todd](
* [Tish Grier](
* [Scott Allen](
* [Cam Barrett](
* [Scott Johnson](
* [Tantek Çelik](
* [Chris Messina](
* [Heather Hesketh](
* [Kevin Smith](
Did I meet you and forget to list you? Let me know and I’ll gladly add you, and buy you a beer (or the frosty beverage of your choice) next year.
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8 responses to “SXSW namedropping”

  1. Ruby Sinreich Avatar

    Thanks for the namedrop, Christian! ;-)
    FYI, my URLs are (personal), (local politics blog), and (network-centric advocacy).

  2. Heath Row Avatar

    I’m googlable at Media Diet. Or use the link below.

  3. xian Avatar

    Thanks, guys. Updated. I was gonna get around to it, honest!

  4. nancy white Avatar

    You name dropper! :-)
    I’m only sorry we never sat down for a chat. Having food poisoning sure slowed me down and I did not get enough sit-downs with friends! NEXT TIME!

  5. Frances M. Avatar

    My, that’s a lot of people, I’d be forgetting names after the second day — as the crowd waiting outside roars “pho-tos! pho-tos!” [please, it’d be great to see some of the “I’m here and you’re not” shots like the ones you posted last year].

  6. j. brotherlove Avatar

    Name dropping is tacky. Well, unless it’s my name you’re dropping, of course. Then it’s way cool! Thanks!

  7. Tikva Morowati Avatar

    Christian! What a great idea! I only made it through half of the people. There are so many. I’ve got some good reads ahead of me! Thank you!
    P.S. David Pescovitz’s link needs to be fixed, and my last is Morowati.

  8. xian Avatar

    I’ll fix David’s link and the spelling of your last name, Tikva. Sorry about that!
    j., your site is very cool! i like the way it transcends the usual blog all-the-stuff in one big stream style.