Thanks for the Memories

In the post below, I said, ” So, I would appreciate hearing from those ‘of a certain age’: Did you learn about this at the time. Or only later? Or never, until now?”
Thanks for the replies!
“I remember it happening and have heard many reports since, but I was in the Army for much of the aftermath so wouldn’t have heard much follow up coverage, I do remember the vehement Mexican government denials at the time.”
“It was covered in the mainstream media and left wing media at the time.”
“I’m amazed that I don’t recall anything at all about this story. I was 20 and in college at that time, but that was before my political awareness which began sometime within the next year. As I recall, I was only barely interested in upcoming U.S. presidential election (I was too young to vote) with only superficial knowledge of the issues.”
“I learned of this at the time. How did I learn it? From Ramparts of course. I was in high school then. I wasn’t reading a mainstream newspaper regularly at the time so I don’t know what if any coverage the NY Times gave to this. I recall reading the Ramparts article and believing that it had to be true of course because it was in Ramparts. But then after finishing the article I was totally shocked wondering if that could really be true. It didn’t sound as if that crowd of protesters was doing anything that I hadn’t done multiple times at demonstrations in NYC and DC. How could a government indiscriminately open fire on a peaceful defenseless crowd killing all those people? Sure governments are bad, but only Nazis would do something like that, I thought naively. Surely that couldn’t have happened. If that really happened then millions of Mexicans would have risen up and taken over the government which is what seemed to me was the only appropriate response. Since the Mexican government didn’t immediately get overthrown maybe the events that were reported in Ramparts really didn’t happen.”



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