The real mistake in the first moon words was ruthlessly suppressed.

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I first reported years ago the real mistake in the first moon words, and that mistake’s potentially staggering costs to our nation.
When I give you the details, the words Why didn’t the biggest newspapers in America grab this story and run with it as front page news? will leap to your lips!
This is the mistake post-mission re-analysis actually uncovered::
When Neil Armstrong stepped down and uttered, “One Giant Step for mankind,” he completely forget to say, “Mother, May I.”
The entire Moon Mission would have to be done over!
We still get fun diversionary stories like this in WashPost,
because they weren’t about to let that out. This is serious money. Hence, the ruthless suppression of my report. I have suffered chronic stiff-necks over the years, just from watching my back. But (as you know) I cannot keep silent.