Video for the people

The good folks at Participatory Culture have unveiled a key component of their “Democracy Internet TV” platform, the desktop Democracy Player software (for Windows only, so far):
> This Windows version, while still in beta, means that we now have a complete set of tools for democratizing online video — and marks the beginning of our campaign to establish a free, open-source video platform.
> We’re re-naming the desktop software Democracy player (formerly DTV)…. We hope you agree that open tools for publishing, watching, and sharing video are important for the future of online media.






One response to “Video for the people”

  1. David Moore : Participatory Culture Avatar

    Hi Christian, David with Participatory Culture here, thanks for writing about the Democracy player — I wanted everyone to know, it is indeed available cross-platform for Windows, Mac, and in a version for Linux developers. (The Mac version has been out since August, and this week marks the release of the Windows version — the last piece of the puzzle. Both versions are beta version 0.8.) Everyone can download the Democracy player now, free and open-source, on our new community site: Thanks again!