The Devils’ Dictionary

The Nation has compiled and published a Dictionary of Republicanisms. Of the definitions they’ve published in the magazine (or rather, in this case, on the website), here are two of my favorites:
> laziness *n*. When the poor are not working.
> leisure time *n*. When the wealthy are not working.
(Both definitions by Justin Rezzonico of Keene, Ohio.)



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  1. Jim Hanley Avatar
    Jim Hanley

    Abortion Laws Make The Poor Poorer
    Only the poorest people, the less educated, and less mobile; many who rely on taxpayers for sustanance, and are unable to provide a decent environment for their children, suffer from unwanted pregnancies; and the unplanned-for birth of children!
    Laws against abortion are unfair discrimination against the poor! Let us be fair and honorable; let us not increase the suffering of the downtrodden poor! or the financial burden of taxpayers; by limiting the ability of poor people to control their family’s size?

  2. xian Avatar

    That’s a somewhat compelling rant but it is not really relevant to the entry you attached it to, making it borderline spam.