Can I blog from my iPhone?

(an illustration of blogging via an iPhone)
Since I started at Yahoo my workaday routine involves riding a shuttle from Oakland to Sunnyvale with a big laptop computer crammed on my lap so I can work, browse the net, or as I’ve been doing lately, blog.
For some time I’ve been thinking that an upgrade to my smartphone, something with a qwerty keyboard, such as a blackberry, treo, t-mobile whatsit, or pocketpc might make a much less bulky alternative.
This past weekend I got myself an iPhone (or jPhone as I like to call it), so now I’m on that bus, bypassing the overloaded wireless, and look my I’m blogging!
It’s not superconvenient. I’m still getting used to the fatfingers virtual keyboard, though the guess-ahead feature, whatever it’s we, definitely helps.
I’m also studying the phone’s interaction design, of course, looking for interesting interaction patterns, but I think I’ll wait till I have a real keyboard in front of me before I elaborate on what I’m discovering and noticing about this new handheld.
Inspirational typo: hamdheld
Now to try to insert a picture or even a link… the hard part.
(Picture was too hard to manage via the jP, so I added the one at the top afterward, on arriving at my desk. Ditto for the link above to the interactive gestures pattern library wiki.)





2 responses to “Can I blog from my iPhone?”

  1. Dan Harrelson Avatar

    How did you get a screenshot of your iPhone interface?

  2. Bryce Avatar

    I’ve been wondering.. could you use one of those foldy-type bluetooth keyboards with the iPhone?