I need to hire Liza Sabater as my publicist

In an interesting rambly ‘meme of the month’ post at her famed CultureKitchen website, called Radical Fringe, Liza writes:
> … Jeff Tiedrich of Smirking Chimp, confirming my theory that you’re not a true net native if you don’t know who Christian Crumlish is or if, at least, he doesn’t know who you are. If you don’t know who he is, then you have to read his book. It’s freaky how almost of the pioneers of the net have one or two degrees of separation from Xian.
But is it freaky, really, or am I just an exceptionally good stalker?





One response to “I need to hire Liza Sabater as my publicist”

  1. Cecil Vortex Avatar

    what if that’s a false choice – what if it really is freaky *and* you’re an exceptionally good stalker?