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  • Smile! You're on candid skitch

    Not a manga or mad man among them.

  • gee and i've only met barlow once

    gee and i’ve only met barlow once Originally uploaded by xian was JP Barlow idly doing the comparisons today, or is this more like secret-admirer spam?

  • Three talks for the price of, well, none

    At the IA Summit a week ago in Miami, I co-taught two full-day workshops (on patterns with Erin Malone and Lucas Pettinati, and social design with Christina Wodtke and Joshua Porter), moderated a panel (on presence and other aspects of social web architecture with Gene Smith, Wodtke, Andrew Hinton, and Andrew Crow), and gave a […]

  • Social design patterns slides from BayCHI last week

    Here are my slides from my talk at Xerox Parc (the BayCHI monthly program meeting) on April 8th: | View | Upload your own When I get the audio, I plan to put together a slidecast to synch the slides to the talk, which should be more valuable. Oh, and consider viewing the slides in […]

  • I'm speaking on presence and reputation with Ted Nadeau at SxSW

    If you’re interested in social web design, how to model identity, presence, and reputation, and how to create and align incentives with the behaviors you wish to encourage in your online community, then join Ted Nadeau and me for a Core Conversation on the topic of “Online Identity: And I *do* give a damn about my bad reputation” at South by Southwest interactive this March, in Austin, Texas (of course).

  • Help me write my book about presence

    I’m going to write my book, Presence of Mind (working title), on a wiki with as much input from others as possible. I’m also starting a mailing list to discuss online presence and related topics (extending from closely related matters such as identity, reputation, attention, privacy and so on, out to the full array of […]