My photos from Oaxaca

Well it took nearly forever, but I’ve finally got all my photos from my trip to Oaxaca posted to Flickr. I organized them into umpteen sets by event and then collected those all together into one master collection, linked from earlier in this sentence. The badge in this entry points to the same photos except because the badges don’t work with collections yet it does so by pointing to a unique tag applied to all the photos.
I have stories to tell from the trip as well, but one thing at a time.
UPDATE: for some reason the Flash badge I tried inserting is breaking here in my blog even though the code for it seems to work in a number of other test situations. I’m looking into that now. Meanwhile, I’ve tried making a non-Flash badge and inserting that above in the hopes that that will resolve the problem. In the meantime I’m pasting in the code for the non-working Flash badge below until I get things sorted.
UPDATED UPDATE: Well the other badge broke too. Some conflict between the CSS for the blog and for the badge, I bet. Oh well. I added a sample picture above and am parking the code for both badges below, which will render as a long hash string until or unless I figure out a way to make them work.
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3 responses to “My photos from Oaxaca”

  1. xifer Avatar

    Great photos-I particularly liked the street art collection. Thanks for sharing, looks like it was an amazing trip.

  2. Prentiss Riddle Avatar

    Yes, great photos. So what was the unconference all about? And how is Oaxaca these days? It has always been my favorite place in Mexico. Has it settled down enough that I could consider taking the kids next summer?

  3. xian Avatar

    Thanks, guys. A lot of these photos were just point-and-shoot but the sights themselves were so compelling (and the candids evocative of the bonhomie) that I’m sort of happy with quite a few of them.
    It was an amazing trip, and I hope to go back again and again.
    Prentiss, the unconference was an “open space” so it didn’t have a topic. The conversations emerged from the parficipants and ranged all over (but tended to have to do with society and change).
    Oaxaca is suffering economically from the aftermath of the uprising. While the underlying grievances and socio-economic flaws are still unaddressed, there is currently no active unrest or violence going on (at least not in the well trafficked, public areas).
    I would say it’s a perfectly safe place to take kids right now and probably will be next summer as well. And they desperately need the tourist dollars. It’s a bit like New Orleans after Katrina right now. The small businesses especially are really suffering.