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  • Open Hackday 08 begins

    hackday stage Originally uploaded by xian. I’m going to name the robots Foo and Bar. We still haven’t announced the musical act that will be performing on this stage tonight. So far I’ve heard Cody Simms and Neal Sample (Cody and Neal, hmmm….) give a great overview of YOS (with great visuals by Micah Laaker), […]

  • Community site responds to homicide epidemic in Oakland

    I just heard today about Not Just A Number, a community journalism project coproduced by the Oakland Tribune and InsideBayArea.com. It endeavors to tell the real human stories of Oakland homicide victims, rather than letting them become merely statistics. The site speaks for itself, and I feel like I might be cheapening it by talking […]

  • Nevelson revisited

    After I posted about that Louise Nevelson exhibit at the de Young museum and seeing the model for the sculpture near my parents’ apartment at 92nd and Park Ave in New York, my sister scanned and emailed me a photo of the four of us siblings posing in front of the sculpture, circa 1974. (The […]

  • Discovering Louise Nevelson

    So yesterday B and I went into SF in the afternoon to visit our friends D and P and get some cultcha. We went to the deYoung museum in Golden Gate Park and took in the Louise Nevelson exhibit. For some reason I did not know who Nevelson was. I read her bio on the […]

  • My photos from Oaxaca

    Well it took nearly forever, but I’ve finally got all my photos from my trip to Oaxaca posted to Flickr. I organized them into umpteen sets by event and then collected those all together into one master collection, linked from earlier in this sentence. The badge in this entry points to the same photos except […]

  • Back from Oaxaca

    Posting over low bandwidth. Consider this photo a down payment toward a great deal more imagery and tales to come. This is one of the many artworks, most with religious themes, decorating the hotel I stayed in my first night in Oaxaca, the Hostal de la Noria. UPDATE: (or del, I have to doublecheck that) […]