No template for you!

U.S. holds out North Korea deal as model for Iran, Reuters
…White House spokesman Tony Snow called the deal a “template…”

But this is the precisely the template the US has refused!

We talked with North Korea, both in the six-party talks and in bilateral meetings, without preconditions. We could start Iranian talks tomorrow morning, if we would agree to that with them.
Personally, I think we should take seriously Iran’s insistence on the right to do enrichment. The supreme ruler, especially, uses the term right in every statement.
That would explain why they are willing to yield on enrichment as part of a negotiated agreement (where everyone gives up things they have a right to), but not as a precondition to talks (where it is like a criminal turning herself in).
Of course, they’d expect us to renounce the overthrow of their government too, as part of the reciprocity.



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