Seeing Strange Things

Every so often I like to just stop and click over to the Ames Room for a moment, because it really helps undermine my perspective on things.
It gets my vote for the greatest of all optical illusions. The two people you see are actually the same height. It’s just that someone has carefully constructed a very funny sort of room. Scroll down the page for an explanation.
Way worth a click.



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2 responses to “Seeing Strange Things”

  1. Porlock Junior Avatar

    Sometime when you’re in San Francisco, be sure you get to the Exploratorium. Well, that’s good advice anyway; but specifically, you can walk across a real live Ames room, and do the same for the edification of whoever is with you. That picture doesn’t lie (your perceptions do); it’s amazing. Plenty of other illusions and non-illusions as well.

  2. David Kolodney Avatar
    David Kolodney

    Thanks for the tip! I haven’t been there in probably 20 years.
    My sincere apologies if some previous Comments–and this one for a few days–have been lost in the ether; I didn’t grasp that there was a second step involved in getting them posted.