Three things about me you may not have known

via B (who did hers in email):
>**Three jobs I have held:** vendor at Yankee stadium, freelance legal summarizer, assistant sexton
>**Three Places that I have lived:** Lawrenceville, NJ; Glen Canyon, SF, CA; Washington, DC
>**Three TV shows I like to watch:** Flight of the Conchords, Ugly Betty, The Wire
>**Three places where I’ve been on holidays:** Volcano (HI), NOLA, Big Sur
>**Three of my favorite foods:** pasghetti, grilled salmon, french toast
>**Three places where I would rather be right now:** a beach on the gulf stream, Tuscany, at home with my sweetie
>**Three people I think will respond:** cecil, so-called bill, jac
>**Three things I want to do before I die:** publish a novel, write and record a song, make a movie
Your turn.






One response to “Three things about me you may not have known”

  1. jac Avatar

    Oh, I’m so predictable.
    (Except I let my blog get cancelled, expired, finito.)