This is what a dislocated pinkie looks like

x-ray of my dislocated pinkie

The doctor I saw on Wednesday gave me this printout “as a souvenir.”

Note the badly strained wrist (seen only as a large bulge, since only soft tissue, no bone, was damaged).





6 responses to “This is what a dislocated pinkie looks like”

  1. Livia Labate Avatar
    Livia Labate

    Oh buddy! That is quite a souvenir. I say frame it :)

  2. Scot Hacker Avatar

    That is a lovely wedding ring!

    1. xian Avatar

      I know… I love the way it came out, but the doctor said he’d rather they had had me take it off to make sure there was no hairline fracture under it! :/

  3. Mark Ryan Avatar

    More efficient for doing the hang-loose sign?

    1. xian Avatar

      by Jove, you’re right!

  4. Dape Avatar

    Nasty might be painful- dread looking at my xrays with all the bits taken out of me or replaced. I have fun walking through the detectors at the airport though always create a stir with the guards.