I like to watch things on TV

Recently Cecil aka Dan aka Cecil suggested that the Kincaid cover a Lou Reed song I’ve loved for quite some time, “Satellite of Love.” I’ve been working out a ukulele part and the other night in my hotel when I couldn’t sleep I spent some time putting together a quickie solo version of it:

Satellite of Love



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2 responses to “I like to watch things on TV”

  1. susan Avatar

    On your site trawling for info about the Social Media Card Game and one thing led to another, and in time “I Love to Watch Things on TV” popped up as a related blog post. I didn’t dare *fully* hope it might refer to Satellite of Love. And was gratified to find not only a post about Satellite of Love, but your lovely rendition w/ukelele! Hope to hear Kinkaid sometime, doubly so if covering Lou songs.

    1. xian Avatar

      the other two Kincaids are rabid, rabid Lou Reed (and David Bowie) fans. I am a mere dilettante by comparison, but glad you liked the solo version.