Meg Whitman is a biter

You can't copyright a title

Tipped off by my old buddy and collaborator Levi Asher, I learned that Meg Whitman and her as-told-to coauthor do in fact favor recycling, at least when it comes to book titles:

hey, i was here first!

Since I own the domain called, I’m thinking about redirecting it somewhere interesting at least through election day. Any suggestions?

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5 responses to “Meg Whitman is a biter”

  1. smurgel Avatar

    How about “”. :-)

  2. Paul Avatar

    Whitman is a climate change denialist, so something like these?

    – Climate Change: a summary of the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report,

    – Environmental Protection Agency Global Warming Site:

    – Practical guide to support the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol:

    Or for more (deserved) snark use these, since she fails to see any issue with jocking another’s style:

    – Essential Skills for the Digital Journalist:

    – Needs no explanation:

    – Nor does this:

  3. xian Avatar

    these are great ideas

    i suppose the ideal thing would be a link to an constantly updated feed of whitman-debunking posts…

  4. lizzy Avatar

    The youtube video about her being a big fan of Van Jones might be effective.

    Or maybe We The ( Hee hee hee, funny teabaggers, somebody beat you to that idea 20 years ago, too. I wonder who?

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