Author: boris

  • You’re welcome, Dick. Oh, and thanks to you too, dad.

    Did anybody laugh like I did when Dick Cheney was graciously recognized by President Bush? He had that sideways smirk on his face, and then when he stood to wave he opened his mouth and said … um … well, I have no idea. I was trying to read “thank you” or something like that […]

  • Iraq and Afghanistan – democracies?

    Regarding Bush’s Olympics ad referring to Afghanistan and Iraq as democracies: Don’t you actually have to have at least one successful election before you can call something a democracy? Isn’t it just special that George Bush refuses to remove the ad, contrary to the wishes of the Olympic brass and the Iraqi soccer team, while […]

  • Who’s more negative – officially speaking?

    With the subject of negative ads rearing its ugly head again, I was wondering who is in fact running the most negative campaign (I know, I know – just humor me). With all the so-called 527s obscuring the message, wholly-independent Republican groups and surrogates of Kerry alike, I figured the best way to get to […]

  • Swift Boats for Me, Me, Me!!

    It was nice of Bill O’Reilly to criticize the Swift Boat ads as deplorable. But, as he quickly notes, these sorts of smear ads have been coming from both sides, apparently, equally. In fact, last night he started his “talking points” discussion of the issue by focusing on the democratic side and how they are […]

  • Bananastand

    I have taken to looking at the paper every day for articles about the place that harbored the people who attacked our country in the first place (remember afghanistan?), and it seems that nobody cares about it anymore. They are typically in the “and in other news” column, and the news is never good. Couldn’t […]

  • More fun with statistics: Iraqi death toll

    This morning I heard a report on TV – Fox I think, but it could have been CNN, about the mounting death toll in Iraq. The hawk guest quickly noted that Saddam killed an estimated 35 people per day from the time he took control of Iraq. 35 per day! That’s a staggering number. And […]