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  • That nuclear option: building a better House

    Xian beat me to it; I was going to post about the idea to stop electing Representatives from districts and have each state choose its electors as a bloc (thus, California would send 53 Democrats). Kleiman was talking about only amending California’s constitution, and thus producing a Democratic-controlled House. Such a change won’t happen, but […]

  • Iran-Iraq: maybe, maybe not

    Take 2… Cecil was wondering whether we have just created “the perfect opening for an oil-rich anti-western Iran-Iraq alliance”. I happen to think the two countries will become very tight, and posted a line about the Anschluss of the Mullahs on my blog. My friend Mark Lew, who knows more about world politics and history […]

  • The Yuck Factor

    A good example of why I don’t read Faux News’ website: I accidentally stumbled onto it today and saw a banner for Greta Van Susteren’s show tonight, with the headline “Newt Gingrich for President?” I think I speak for half of America when I say, Yikes! and, Eewwww!

  • There they go again

    Now that CBS has scaped a few goats to appease the Republicans, it’s worth dusting off the most appropriate summary of what 60 Minutes did to George Bush on the National Guard AWOL story: They framed a guilty man.

  • So-called conservatives don’t deserve civility

    A nonpublic mailing list I’m on is discussing politics, and the subject of maintaining civil political discourse came up. I invested enough time and emotion in my contribution that I want to log it in public view. It’s just preaching to the choir here on Edgewise, but it gives me a URL to point my […]

  • The Mediocrity of Bush’s Campaign

    Xian called the election a “blowout”. I call it a poor performance by George W. Bush. This was no blowout. Bush and his minders will yell over and over through the so-called liberal media that he has a real mandate, that this was a landslide, that the middle of the country’s road is conservative. But […]