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  • Down to the studio

    Down to the studio

    This record recording process started a year ago in February and for twelve months through January of this year we recorded one song a month, getting the basic tracks down. Since then we’ve been working on the arrangements and recording overdubs. I feel like we’re building momentum here toward the finish. In the meantime, I’ve…

  • Building the sound

    Building the sound

    In May, after a couple of grueling weeks at work, we got back into Goody Sound for a nice long session overdubbing four of the songs for my album. (As always, these are sneak peeks of rough mixes, works in progress.) Carnegie Hill Jeremy Goody is a fantastic engineer with razor-sharp ears, and Megasonic Sound…

  • Bird Song (instrumental)

    On my electric solid body uke with a pocket amp and a bit of delay, for the last day of Jerry Week. Also posted at the big book of faces and audio-only on shmow-kwow with a kind of permanent public link for the video up on bop rocks.

  • All I know is something

    …like a bird within her sang

  • This ain’t no cocktail you buy in a bar

    This ain’t no cocktail you buy in a bar

    One of the songs I’ve been playing the longest with the Reuben Kincaid is an original by Ceil Vortex about prison booze called “Pruno”…

  • Another day come and gone, oh well

    The third song in our Cheeses & Tequila set was a semi-obscure number by the Replacements called “If Only You Were Lonely.” For equal time I’ll post the Vimeo version here (but then I’ll go and “like” the YouTube version so it shows up on Facebook where people actually notice when I post something):