Building the sound

In May, after a couple of grueling weeks at work, we got back into Goody Sound for a nice long session overdubbing four of the songs for my album. (As always, these are sneak peeks of rough mixes, works in progress.)

Carnegie Hill

Jeremy Goody is a fantastic engineer with razor-sharp ears, and Megasonic Sound is pretty much my ideal of a recording space. Jeremy’s also de facto the co-producer of this record, as David Gans keeps reminding us.

But on top of that Jeremy is also an extremely tasty bass player, and he added a sweet part to round out the bottom on “Carnegie Hill.”

Meanwhile, David had already provided rhythm guitar and a guitar solo that I just love, and he came back in and added some nice lead guitar fills to the verses.

We still have some plans for the choruses, but this one is already starting to gel, to my ears (you tell me!):

Memory Lane

The second track we worked on yesterday was “Memory Lane” (words by Peter K. Hirsch), which got a new bass part courtesy of Jeremy. Thanks to Reverend Bill for the foundational bass arrangement!

All I Know

The third song we worked om was one I wrote for my (now college-bound) nephew for his birthday about three years ago, based on a few prompts he gave me. For “All I Know,” David played a guitar solo:

Down to Mountain

Lastly, we worked on “Down to the Mountain.” David added a guitar track to Dan Brodnitz’s grand piano, Javier Navarrette‘s percussion, and my vocals: