Down to the studio

This record recording process started a year ago in February and for twelve months through January of this year we recorded one song a month, getting the basic tracks down. Since then we’ve been working on the arrangements and recording overdubs. I feel like we’re building momentum here toward the finish.

In the meantime, I’ve started a new job and all kinds of life stuff has happened, so it’s nice to get at least the music-blogging caught up here.

Last week I took a day off work and spent it at Goody Studio, doing mostly vocal overdubs. Since recording these songs initially, for at least a few of them my approach to singing them has evolved and I was eager to re-cut the lead vocals.

Memory Lane

First up, I replaced the vocals in “Memory Lane” (still a rough mix, still a work in progress):

I play electric and acoustic ukulele on this song, and Jeremy Goody plays the bass. (For all of these sessions, David Gans is producing and Jeremy is engineering and co-producing.)

All I Know

Then I re-recorded the lead vocal on “All I Know (Song for Finn)”:

This one has David Gans playing rhythm guitar and adding a guitar solo, Robert Wade on bass, Javier Navarrette on percussion, and myself on ukulele.

Down to the Mountain

After that, I re-cut the vocal on “Down to the Mountain.” Then I added some melodic fills on my electric ukulele and took a crack at a solo over the instrumental break. So far we are keeping my bit over the chorus on the break. We’ll see if that lasts.

Finally, David added a solo on baritone guitar to the verse over the break, leading into my little uke turn. The foundation of this song is still Dan Brodnitz’s grand piano part. We’ve also got percussion from Javier Navarrette, David Gans on his regular guitar, and myself rhythm uke in the mix as well: