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  • The FBI Effort to Drive Dr. King to Suicide

    To me, this was the most disgusting part of the FBI’s campaign against Dr. Martin Luther King. It is pretty well known by now that the FBI had bugged King’s hotel rooms, and had recorded explicit sexual episodes. They used these tapes against him for years, and even played them for selected journalists. I heard…

  • Kurds Killing Arabs to Stabilize Iraq?

    Anger Mounts Over Deployment of Kurdish Forces to Baghdad By Nidhal al-Laithi and Marsi abu Tareq Azzaman, Iraq, 1/7/07 Kurdish leaders have decided to deploy their own militias in the fighting now taking place in Baghdad….This will be the first time Kurdish armed groups will fight in Baghdad, and specifically against their co-religionists, Arab Sunnis.…

  • There are two sides to every question.

    “Mortgage rates jump on strong labor market, inflation pressures “WASHINGTON (Reuters) 1/11/2007— Average interest rates on 30-year mortgages crept upward in the latest week to 6.21% from 6.18%, according to a survey by finance company Freddie Mac on Thursday.”

  • “I’ll give you these concessions, but then I’m going to shoot you.”

    Three Bush Foreign-Policy Hypotheses I won’t undertake to substantiate these, just to offer them as hypotheses. 1. We (i.e., the Bush administration) are refusing talks with Syria and Iran, because we are afraid the talks would succeed. 2. We are afraid of the talks succeeding, because we’d have to renounce regime-change. (It is diplomatically untenable…

  • No Magic Bullet

    Barak Obama is, among other things, a unique personal phenomenon, a political happenstance. And that is frightening in a way, because America is a country where, as with both of the Kennedys, you can kill an idea.

  • I’m not afraid to say it

    “This documentary visits Ingmar Bergman, one of the 20th century’s greatest film directors…” Only the 20th century! I’m not afraid to say it–I think he was one of the greatest film directors of all time!