“Stuck in the middle with Jews…”

Speaking as a Jew, can I say: how classic is it that Iran is responding to those Danish Mohammed-themed cartoons by sponsoring a cartoon contest about the Holocaust? I mean (speaking rhetorically now, but still as a Jew), how did we get caught in the middle here? Couldn’t they sponsor a cartoon contest about Hans Christian Andersen?



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4 responses to ““Stuck in the middle with Jews…””

  1. Raymond B Avatar

    This type of behavior appears more racist than rseponsible. How does attacking American embassies resolve anything. America is not even involved in the cartoon issue. I think this just shows how irrational, and racist, these individuals are. There are many good Muslims, these ones perpetraing violence are not. I also wonder why more moderate Muslims have not condemmed the violence, I sure hope they don’t condone this racist behavior.
    Raymond B

  2. David Kolodney Avatar
    David Kolodney

    Hate will find a way.

  3. K. Ron Silkwood Avatar
    K. Ron Silkwood

    True. Couldn’t they come up with something that was a little more WASP based? Have they already run out of ways to mock the Great Satan? While not a WASP myself, I could loan them some of my jokes about Murka.

  4. briggs Avatar

    re: an H.C. Anderson toon–isn’t that The Wizard of Id?
    And I’m guessing they don’t get South Park on cable in Iran?